My thinking ...

There are far fewer women in information technology than men, but as equals and the stereo-typically more detail-oriented and verbal gender, women in I.T. tend to be rock stars, in terms of troubleshooting, documenting, instructing others, and communicating.  These innate qualities of women, coupled with the right technical education and training, can make them assets to any organization.  So, why not try to encourage girls and women to pursue information technology careers????  That's my ultimate professional goal.

My Story

I have an MBA and am a triple MCSE and have been in I.T. for 25 years, during which time I was the only woman on the infrastructure/systems engineering teams at all but one organization.  As a woman with the aforementioned qualities, education, and skills, I have always led teams and integrated technologies with other business units successfully.  I believe other women can do the same because, in my experience, many (if not most) women are similar to myself and, if given the right encouragement/guidance, can be successful in I.T., as well.  Our innate attributes will serve us well in the I.T. field!

Next Steps...

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